Anastasia Tsoumbanos and
Natalia Kapourelakos

Co-Owners & Event Planners

Lakeview Pavilion has been Anastasia’s and Natalia’s passion since day one. They have dedicated their lives to perfecting each event, always going above and beyond to make every once-in-a-lifetime event unique. They believe in mingling innovation, beauty, and tradition into every occasion.

“When you pick a venue you aren’t just picking a place your picking the people and we are so happy we chose the family at Lakeview to be ours.”

Patricia McCarthy Serpis


Patty has been with Lakeview Pavilion since 1989 and brings decades of experience and knowledge to every event. She oversees the functions from start to finish, coordinating her staff and working closely with vendors. It is her role to ensure that every moment of every event runs smoothly.

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Michelle Ryder

Marketing & Event Coordinator

Michelle joined the Lakeview Pavilion team in April 2017. Michelle was previously the social media strategist for a Rhode Island-based Floral & Event Designer, and she has media relations experience with television stations throughout Boston and Providence. She loves social media and working with amazing media outlets to promote Lakeview.

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Katelyn Olsson

Event Planner

Katelyn has been part of the Lakeview Team for six years and joined our office in 2019. Katelyn loves to help clients plan the wedding of their dreams. She works with owners, vendors, and other event planners to oversee every detail and manage all the agreements required for an event.

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Kim Wallace


Kim joined the Lakeview Pavilion team in 2001. Kim ensures that the business operates smoothly. She works behind the scenes organizing files and providing invaluable support for the planning staff with her insight.

Chris Smaller

Executive Chef

Chris has been the Executive Chef of Lakeview Pavilion since 2005. Chris works tirelessly in the kitchen with our culinary team to perfect every recipe. His goal is to amaze you and your guests with the cuisine, by customizing the preparation based on your tastes to finishing it with a beautiful presentation. We often receive reviews that Chris’s cuisine is the best our guests have ever had!