All You Need is Love & Dessert!

When you picture every traditional wedding, the ceremonial cutting of the cake is a must. Traditional wedding rituals have changed over time but also have evolved into a delectable dessert dream that will leave your guests impressed and wanting more.


Some couples opt for a small cake to cut, and want to have dessert stations, but many couples still opt for the traditional wedding cake, PLUS a dessert station! At Lakeview we pride ourselves on our food displays and presentation. We know that “your eyes eat first”. This is an expression that we totally agree with.

Our dessert displays dazzle, and we know that your guests will not hesitate to indulge in your dessert display. The meticulous attention to detail that our culinary team puts into organizing the displays will ensure that your guests will be absolutely impressed and satisfied. We have an abundance of dessert stations. If their is something that you have always dreamed of and it is not on our menu, we can absolutely make it happen. 

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