Sweetheart Table or Headtable?

Floor Plans are the base for designing your wedding day layout. When determining your floor your seating on your wedding day will help you create the flow for the rest of the ballroom.

A common question we are often asked is, “What looks better, a sweetheart table or a head table?” 

We have thousands of pictures with different room layouts but ultimately this is YOUR preference. One answer we do have is that regardless of the table you end up choosing it will ALWAYS look good. Whether your table is set against the beautiful floor to ceiling windows or if you are seated across from your wedding band or DJ, we want to work with you to create the floor plan you have always envisioned.

A lot of couples may ask this question, but others are also set on what they want and that is ok too! 

In an article from INSIDE WEDDINGS, the pros of both table options are reviewed, and honestly, we could not agree more with what was said!


“You’re immersed in the company of loved ones. You and your new spouse will be surrounded by the most important people in your lives, which can be a godsend when trying to wind down all of the ceremony nerves. Your maid/matron of honor, best man, and wedding party will help to settle your jitters and prepare you for an evening of fun and celebration. “


“You can spend some rare alone time with your beloved.

If you couldn’t schedule an intimate “first look,” or plan for a half an hour alone after the ceremony, a sweetheart table gives you the opportunity to relax with your new husband or wife.”